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Can You See Me?

"My pedagogical philosophy is not based on social movements trending within society. For so long, I and my people were always excluded from 'the table'..."


What the UFT gets WRONG

"Separately, behind closed doors, and without any public announcement, the UFT Executive Board passed their own toothless “Black Lives Matter Resolution” to create the impression that they are on the right side of history..."



"One of them provided some decent historical context. It described Robert E. Lee as a vicious slave owner in contrast to his enduring heroic reputation. The other one focused on Lee’s “struggle” to choose between loyalty to his family and the Union..."


Black Disabled

Lives Matter

"Many other Sick, Mad, Deaf, disabled QTBIPOC have highlighted a similar trend and call to action, noting that racism and ableism are interconnected and intertwined..."

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No Matter Who Wins

"Regardless of who sits in the White House, Black Lives Matter at School is committed to a vision to Black Liberation, student-centered pedagogy, and community care that no administration can destroy..."


Unapologetically Black

"She introduced the words 'stereotype', 'prejudice', and 'equality' into my vocabulary. As a class, we engaged in deep conversations about racism and the civil rights movement.  She was the first one to speak openly of the racial discrimination she faced as a biracial woman living in New York..."


Seneca Village

"You wonder if you and your neighbors have a fighting chance in the courts, knowing that almost everyone outside of the area claimed for the park is against you...."


Loving Engagement

"When I decided to go back to school, to art school, it was inevitable that this space was not only going to be filled with white people but with the absence of diversity, the kind of absence that is deeper than inclusive syllabi..."

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Mirrors and Windows

"When I support a child’s family structure, I am offering that child a valuable mirror, while simultaneously offering a window to other children; together, these experiences form the building blocks of empathy..."

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