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Black Lives Matter No Matter Who Wins by Tajh Sutton

What a summer it’s been! Black Lives Matter at School NY has been engaged in the beautiful and rewarding work of fighting for equitable, holistic and justice oriented schools for 4 years now, and we are growing everyday.

As the inequities exacerbated by Covid 19 continue to bring new students, parents and educators into the fold, we offer a promise as a particularly heavy Election night looms on the horizon.

BLM at Schools is committed to the work of ending zero tolerance policies- which have negatively impacted Black and Brown students whose cameras remain off in an effort to keep their trauma to themselves.

We are committed to having #CounselorsNotCops and addressing the mental health issues our communities are experiencing as a result of decades of divestment and the ramifications of Covid 19 on communities of color.

We continue to stress the importance of hiring Black teachers and teaching Black history and ethnic studies in all schools, thus providing our children and school communities the knowledge, language and permission to defend themselves and their communities against the vitriol, misinformation and racist violence emboldened by a Trump administration.

We continue to wear the armor of restorative justice, loving engagement, empathy, diversity and collective value against attacks framed as ‘discourse’ that really continue the work of white supremacy by not rooting our conversations in historical fact and contextualizing our present struggle in the history of righteous rage and organizing that Black and Brown queer, young and working class New Yorkers are known for.

Regardless of who sits in the White House, Black Lives Matter at School is committed to a vision to Black Liberation, student centered pedagogy and community care that no administration can destroy.

The people united will never be defeated.

Black Lives Matter.


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