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Student Poetry: The Land of the Sleep, The Home of the Slain by Christel Robinson

Dear America, As an American The treatment of any undocumented immigrant Either comes from a bigoted fear again and again Or just plain ignorance But either way, the meaning of freedom which is supposedly sunken Into our government, practices, dreams, beliefs, Has been broken It goes unspoken They struggled and struggled They ran, and they fought to stay out of trouble They ran to the light From day until night The end of the tunnel They made it; they did it From rain to the sun But who says they’re finished The brand that we make The jobs that we hate They do for their children The land of the free The home of the brave We should be ashamed It’s burning, we’re crashing The helpless are thrashing They suffer in pain They thought free was here They drown in their tears Right here is the same They’re battered and beat In the land of the sleep The home of the slain The home of the slain The home of the slain They grind, and they grind They break, and they bind But what do they gain? The home of the slain The home of the slain The blood shed has past Our problems were cast But what did we change? We blame criminal feats On the ones that can’t speak They aren’t monsters, they’re our sponsors All they want is to eat We give the bad guys the fame We give our problems the shade We fought nothing, we are bluffing We let liberty fade We have ourselves to blame For all these people who came In search of freedom We don’t keep them? Are we going insane? Is this the land of the free? Or the land of the sleep? All we have is VIP And the rest are in need Is this the home of the brave? Or the home of the slain? This is where The people with brains Are either crippled and caned Only thing I know is that This is the home of the hate This is the land of the greed The home of the slaves The land of the sleep The home of the slain 


Christel Robinson is a sophomore member of Legal Outreach at Bard High School Early College in Queens, NY. Within this program, she has won the Most Outstanding Award of the Law and Justice Institute, the Highest Average Award for 2017 Freshman Saturday Writing Class: Grammar Edition and the 2017 Debate 1. She is an aspiring novelist and attorney. She enjoys writing, drawing, singing, acting, playing volleyball, playing tennis, and playing flag football.


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